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The Bright Path Ishayas' Ascension Meditation practice offers you a simple and effective tool to release stress from your nervous system and raise consciousness / self-awareness.

On the 'First Sphere' weekend course you will be given techniques called 'Ascension Attitudes'; they are short phrases that are personalised to you and are based on Praise,  Gratitude and Love. They are designed to take you inward to an experience of stillness and peace.

Courses are usually scheduled over a weekend starting Friday evening 7-9.30pm and continuing Saturday and Sunday 10am to approximately 5pm. By the end of the course you will have everything you need for a self-sufficient practice that will enhance all areas of your life. As an added bonus, once you have completed The First Sphere course, you are welcome to repeat it as often as you wish, for FREE!


How much does it cost?


This covers the cost of the weekend course where you actually learn the practice of Ascension meditation. It also covers the 6 week follow-up and support program after the weekend where you receive regular inspirational videos to keep you on track and additional telephone or online support if you want it.

In a recent study 97% of people who Ascend regularly reported more peace love and joy in their lives!