--- Success Stories ---

"On this page I wanted to share with you some of the experiences that people have had since starting their treatment with me. If you're feeling stuck then real life stories  can offer hope and inspiration that there is a solution and that positive change is possible."

Si Harding

Mental / Emotional Issues

"My physical throat issues I first presented with disappeared and haven’t returned. Si has enabled me to release and let go of emotions when I hadn’t even been aware they were holding me back. A gentle and powerful process for which I am very grateful." AH, County Durham

Female Related Issues

"Si has helped me a lot with my chronic pain - it has reduced drastically. I have always had very painful periods and the pain was gone 15 minutes after taking the remedy. I'm so happy to have found a natural solution!"

- CF, North Yorkshire

"I was really struggling with menopausal symptoms - flushes every 20 minutes, night sweats and headaches, poor sleep. After taking a couple of remedies over a few weeks, and with Si’s gentle guidance, all these symptoms calmed down and have gradually disappeared altogether, and I feel more normal again. It’s such a relief!" - AT, County Durham.

Digestive Disorders


"Awesome results : no more digestive symptoms in our 6 week old baby 48h after starting treatment!" - Dr MG, Lyon, France

Immune System

"I have suffered with hay fever most of my life, and in the summer months it can be physically draining. Simon, through extensive homeopathic assessments prescribed remedies that greatly helped my body’s resistance to pollen. I had the treatment 1 year ago and no longer suffer from hay fever - hugely indebted to you Simon and I would highly recommend Simon’s services." - AR, Stokesley


"I have had a chronic skin condition which Simon has been successfully treating. It was not a 'quick fix' and so I really appreciate the patience and tenacity shown me. I love the sense of the healing happening from within rather than a burning surface treatment as was offered with conventional medicine. Thank you Simon." - AP, Devon

Joints & Musculoskeletal 


"I would highly recommend Si to anyone needing a homeopath.  He is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and has helped my arthritis greatly." - EL, Richmondshire

"Both Simon’s homeopathy skills and empathetic approach were really helpful during an acute flare up of my joints." - TM, Devon

Infections & Acutes

"It's a pleasure to highly recommend Si as a Homeopath. I found his approach friendly, warm and professional. He was both thorough & knowledgeable & identified remedies which facilitated healing in a chronic ear infection." - LJ, Fife


Testimonials do not constitute proof that the use of homeopathic remedies will be successful in similar cases. They are provided simply as one persons experience of consultations and treatment. It is important that you have sufficient information to make an informed choice about your healthcare. It may for example be important that you should have certain medical tests or discuss other options.